The Basics


Welcome to Eat Yourself Slim, my very first blog. I’m glad you stopped by. You may be wondering, “What the heck is this chick talking about, ‘eat yourself slim?’ ” Good question, and here’s the answer:

Most people understand that in order to lose weight a person has to diet. And overweight people go on diets all the time. Yet there are more obese people than ever in America. What the…?

Diets don’t work. What finally worked for me was taking charge of what goes down my own gullet. I don’t know what’s in a McDonald’s Big Mac–I mean I know theoretically, but do I really know, know? NO! Therefore if I eat it, I’m not in control of my own nutrition.

This purpose of this blog is to share with you what worked for me: Taking charge of my own care, instead of leaving it to amateurs. If you don’t eat, and eat properly, you will never lose weight permanently. Let’s win this battle–together! 🙂



9 thoughts on “The Basics

  1. Wonderful blog, Carlita! I am so impressed with your success in slimming down in a healthy way AND in creating a blog! I hope to get into your recipe file soon, my for end. I know you have some good stuff in there. I have started Weight Watchers again this week. It works for me as long as I count every point. some days are better than others. You look and are…GORGEOUS! 🙂 Carol

    • Thank YOU so much for the feedback–positive is always more fun than…that other kind… 🙂
      I do hope you try some of the recipes…I’ll be posting one for a really fabulous Chicken Vera Cruz, Carlita style…Meaning really easy and man, does it taste GOOD!

      Be well,

  2. Having found you and your gravatar, all I can say is VA-VA-VOOM! GOOD JOB!
    Thank you for “Liking” …A LITTLE OF THIS…, my poem at By The Mighty Mumford. Please come again. Cute redheads (and anyone else, for that matter) are always welcome at: Best regards, Jonathan Caswell 🙂

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